Mar 4, 2010

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On March 4th, The.XS Collective marches forth to XS1.SG. We invite all our friends and supporters to march forth with us. The Singapore HipHop scene have gone through a drought period for a while now and we need all the support we can get to bring the rain/reign back. Let's all march forth and work together for the renaissance...

We are still very much below the radar but the support (or sometimes lack thereof) that we have received from our friends for the past years is truly appreciated. We are no rap superstars but regular people with regular lives who just happens to love the artform.

So log on to XS1.SG today, bookmark it and pay us regular visits as we will provide regular updates on our music and movement, as well as what's happening in the regional hiphop scene.

Click here to download a Public Service Annoucement by Azrael on behalf of The.XS Collective:

me to reintroduce myself
My name is A-Z-Rael to the XS
No passwords/ I give U the access
Into the nexus that connects us
The fact is/ we are one so we revolve around the same axis
It's secondary how the face look
If you're connected then connect to us on facebook
Add us up on Twitter, YouTube and Myspace
We are all connected and the world is our place
Check the rhyme catalogue and see we left the footprints
It's an open blueprint to spark a movement
I let u peek into our windows/ No XP
Get ill connected witcha minds ESP
Now log on to access one SG
On triple-W-dot-XS1-dot-SG
Yeah now it's all access
So lets us march forth to XS1.SG

PS: Thank you blogger for providing us a free space for us to hustle our art. But now it's on to the next one...


Feb 28, 2010

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An ancient dusty ass track by ilohshix's former crew, The Repeat Offenders.

Check it out right over here.

Feb 17, 2010

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BrandNewFeelinG Welcomes Ralph To BNF Production Team.
Check out BrandNewFeelinG TUMBLR to listen to the introduction voiceclip.


Feb 15, 2010

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Stay updated with BrandNewFeelinG on RCGNTNDOTCOM!

Feb 14, 2010

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Download The.XS V-Day Mixtape here

"Sampled Through Love" is a free mixtape compilation of joints written from the heart, released as a V-Day audio gift from The.XS Collective to all. Features a mixture of originals as well remixes that covers the heartbeats and heartbreaks of love, music, family and brotherhood. Spread the love by passing on this mixtape to everyone you love...

Title: Sampled Through Love
Artists: Various Artists

Label: The.XS Collective

Release Type: Mixtape Compilation

Release Date: 14th February 2010

No. of Tracks: 22

Total Running Time: 80mins

01. Y.OU by Ish & Zaki
02. Aku Masih by Freaky Z
03. Jezebelle by Young feat. Ilbril
04. Isabella by Kill Bill feat. DoggFace & Young
05. Hey Luv (RMX) by Jay-One feat. Bless
06. HearBeat by Rauzan Rahman
07. A Beautiful Mess (RMX) by Azrael
08. L.O.V.E by K-i-n-G
09. Words Can't Describe by IRFNXS
10. She Never by Zero The Memory Thief
11. Slow Jamz (RMX) by AC
12. Therapy by Kill Bill
13. Sunrise by Young feat. Mingshen & Bobby
14. Always be Love by Rauzan Rahman feat. Roze
15. Shadows by Young
16. Teardrop by X'Statix
17. Miss Music by Psykes
18. Still Love by Influent
19. Last Goodbye by Public Eyez
20. The Reason Of Absence by Psykes
21. Blood Stream (RMX) by IRFNXS
22. Last Call by DoggFace

Jan 7, 2010

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Performed By: Kill Bill
Produced By: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Lyrics By: Nur 'Kill Bill' Muhammad
Recorded & Mixed By: Rauzan Rahman at BrandNewFeelinG @ 57
NVMBR.CHLD & BrandNewFeelinG 2010.


Verse 1
We at the 57, we drop bombs like 911
Haters keep talking shit 24/7
Their mouths open, ne...ver shut like 7 Eleven
So I knock em out, turn violent cause I'm indian
I know you playing us your speakers on blast
We even got your girls saying we are the sex
Right now and onwards, I'm rolling with the best
Fuck your swag homie, now I'm all about the X


Verse 2
We do it big homie, we do it for the regiment
Check our status quo, we be running for the president
You been sleeping too long, you better wake up
If you cant keep up, I suggest you shut the fuck up
XS what it do, I'm doing fine
Never cared about the money but I stay on my grind
Bitches and hoes aint got nothing on my flow
When I throw my X up you know what its fo


Verse 3
Rejuvenate, we bring the level of the game up
Raise the bar of standards and now you gotta catch up
We the best, so there's nothing to brag about
Just look at how many spots got X marked
Yeah I put on all black
I wave a black flag got my brothers on my back
Ertime I put it down you know its a wrap
And now, its a BrandNewFeeling to my rap


Jan 5, 2010

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Check out a new track by Azrael & Jay-One over a Rauzan-produced track entitled "Braggin Rights". A taste of things to come for 2010.

Download here

Title: Braggin’ Rights
Artists: Azrael & Jay-One
Written by: Azrael & Jay-One
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Recorded and mixed by: The IZA @ The.XS Lab

[Verse 1: Azrael]
Yeah it's the new era/ flag wearer/ XS flag bearer
Stay fitted I'm committed like a brand seller
Guerilla hustler/ Proving that my brand's better
XS/ I believe nobody's brand's better
I set standards/ but I ain't no trendsetter
Cause I don't ride trends/ Fuck being a trendsetter
I'm a minimalist/ Yeah I'm a simple dude
I make things my staple/ like staple food
So I don't be like: "Yo, that's so yesterday"
Cause what's yesterday made you what you are today
And what I am today is really what I am today
I don't gotta brag just go check the résumé
The portfolio is Oreo/ Cause haters wanna bite
and jack the swaggerdocio
You prolly think I'm braggin’ right?
But you know I still got my braggin’ rights...

You prolly think I'm braggin’ right?
But you know I still got my braggin’ right (Right!)
And you know we got the braggin’ rights
Jay-One & Azrael got the braggin' rights
You prolly think I'm braggin right?
But you know I still got my braggin’ right (Right!)
And you know we got the braggin’ rights
XS-Dot-One got the braggin' rights

[Verse 2: Jay-One]
Talk about them braggin’ rights? I brag so right
My swag so tight that I got your sights
I flow so nice you might bite what I write
My plight? Huh, take flights to heights
And drop the dynamite so you run and hide
You ain’t rhymin’ right/ I'm the rhyming knight
With the armour of light/ that will shine the night
The reflection so bright I will shine tonight
When I floss/ I illuminate the stars
Outerspace emcees we invading mars
Containing the heat with them blazing bars
I'm the one in the hot seat setting the par
Right about now/ I think the timing's alright
I write about now so I write what's right, huh
You prolly think I'm braggin’ right?
But you know I still got my braggin’ rights...


Dec 26, 2009

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Danger Area
Mixed, Produced & Written by Young


Verse 1

unleash the c forces, detonating in myself
i don't think this is right,the microphone shed it's last breath
and i'm at war marching through terrains indescribable
when my feet touch the ground nothing is comparable
this game is pointless... swagger jackers
fuck a hustle when a hustler plays a game he knows nothing about
and i have always showed an eye of praise, but now erase
when i set horizons ablaze
embrace, i left the pace now im lifted off the ground
its a full circle, what goes around comes around


burn to the ground
you're in the danjah area you know whats going down, come on
oh oh you losing your direction
hide hide looking for protection

my flame's flickering in night time when its snowing
and the cold winds are blowing
guarded by the shadows of myself when night is falling

Verse 2

I'm always on the prowl til the light of the day
when the sun goes up, the darkness in me stays
and it plays on repeat looped when i come in
get off the walls, you cant walk in the shoes that im in
i see you melt melt melt like candles waxes,
critically acclaimed but you feeding on my substance
bullet holes on my body murmurs hell no
they be saying my name, middle fingers up your hello
i left the pace now i'm lifted off the ground
its a full circle, what goes around comes around


burn burn burn to the ground
you're in the danjah area you know whats going down, come on
oh oh you losing your direction
hide hide looking for protection

im standing at the edge of the curb when twilight occurs
losing my desire everything is a blur
sparks start to fly from the corner of my eye
should have known everything that you said was a lie


X to daaaa!


Dec 24, 2009

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This Christmas join Freaky-Z & The Funkus , Bless with his new band Moira, along with TheCrazy88 for some live hiphop music @ The Esplanade.

Date: 26th December 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 7.30pm onwards
Location: Outdoor Theater, The Esplanade

Merry X'mas and have a great year ahead!

Note: There's been lack of show updates due to the 'drought' season in Singapore HipHop but shit is definitely still moving. Do stay tuned for next year as the drought season is about to be over. It's time to bring the rain/reign back...

Nov 27, 2009

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From the upcoming EP "ME.RAP.PEAK" by:

Rauzan x Vito x DoggFace

Just keepin' it Simpurr'